Travel, Eat and Enjoy

Family trips are a fun time in everyone’s life. The world is enormous with really amazing places offering equally amazing delicacies. Just choose a place, pack your bags, and get started on your journey. Also, don’t forget to look for good car rental services as they can make your entire trip so much more convenient.
The food possibilities are endless and we will list for some of the best food items that you must try when in that country.

The Food Love List You Need to Tick Off

1. When in Mexico, You Have to Try their Mole

The Mexican cuisine has some amazing chili sauces but the mole (pronounced: mol-leh) is on another level. This dish contains around 25 ingredients with more than one chilli pepper variety. This dish is slowly being made available in more restaurants around the world, but its the original Mexican chili makers that can nail it. The key to getting that flavor? The constant stirring spanning which takes more than 1.5 hours!
You must especially try out the mole poblano which contains three dried chilli peppers and some seeds and nuts. The surprise ingredient? Authentic Mexican chocolate!

2. When in France, You Have to Try their Macarons

Globally famous for their patisseries, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we suggest a dessert from their cuisine. The tiny, delicious meringues filled with ganache come in a wide range of flavors. From salted caramel to raspberry to pistachio – they have it all and each of them will definitely leave you wanting for more.
These Instagram- worthy desserts also come with more than one flavor in a single macaron. Your patissier will combine different complimenting flavors to make this type of macarons, rest assured it’ll be a treat for your tongue.

3. When in Japan, You Have to Try their Sushi

You must’ve already tried sushi but let us tell you for free that nothing will come close to the one made by the local Japanese restaurants!
They usually incorporate rice soaked in vinegar, fresh fish as well as fish eggs wrapped in sea weed, topped with free drops of wasabi or soy sauce to make that perfect sushi. Some elite restaurant even use caviar in theirs.
Our tip? Ask them to add pickled ginger to your sushi. You’ll be amazed with the taste.

4. When in Italy, You Have to Try Their Bottarga

Move over the pizzas and the pastas (Kidding, you should try those too), the Bottarga or the “Sicilian Caviar” is an Italian delicacy in the truest sense. They’re basically smoked, savory eggs but the preparation is the key for its exquisite taste.
The roe collected from the grey mullets are salted, pressed and then left to dry for a period of six months (yes!).
You can have this thinly sliced or grated over your pasta, but any way you’ll surely love it.

5. When in Thailand, You Have to Try Their Mango Sticky Rice

High quality mangoes itself are delicious and sweet. Everybody loves the king of fruits! Now imagine this is with coconut sticky rice and coconut syrup, topped with mung beans. Exactly, it is that yummy and then some more.
The sweet and salty combination will definitely make you order another plate.
Vacations can be really fun if planned out efficiently. Visiting all the happening places, trying out the exquisite cuisines et al. If you feel that you need guidance then you can request your car rental services to give you a driver, who can help you around the city. This is your time and you deserve to enjoy!