Driving on the long roads, checking out the beautiful landscape and escaping from your hectic daily routine is necessary for every guy out there. So if you are ready for the next level of travel to the outskirts and long road excursion most relaxed way possible, we have compiled some of the best exotic vehicles for rental, from species to the most luxurious ones, everything can be delivered with no problems whatsoever.

Check nu rental car reviews and go through some of the best exotic vehicles you can try out in 2019.

1. Aston Martin DB11

Something that just comes out with a Hollywood film set, this Aston Martin made car has every inch of performance embedded in it. You will notice a remarkable difference once you are about to open the doors. The luxurious finish of the interior with a powerful engine, there is nothing else you require from a vehicle.

2. Audi R8 V10 Plus

A classic example of owning a supercar can be taken by the Audi R8 V10 Plus, with a spectacular V10 engine and performance like none other, Audi R8 V10 Plus stylish chassis, body design and interior all talks louder than works.

3. BMW M4

There is no vehicle that comes toe to toe with M-division of BMW, equipped with a twin turbo engine that never compromises on the performance. BMW M4 coupe makes it to the track with no trouble at all, the luxurious and metal finishes will definitely fulfill your desire to drive a truly one of a kind exotic car.

4. BMW M235i

Another exotic car at your disposal from M-division of BMW make, this BMW M235i is delightfully among the most comprehensive, well structured, all-terrain exotic car which will help you to drive a smooth and relax drive for long roads ahead.

5. Corvette Z07

Corvette Z07 is structured to provide the ultimate road trip experience, with no drag force due to its well-optimized airflow chassis, a high-performance twin turbo engine, sleek and stylish looks and an outstanding reputation of Corvette, this exotic vehicle knows no boundaries for long excursions across the harsh or simpler terrains.

6. Ford Focus RS

A highly dynamic vehicle that does everything to its Ford standards, the Ford Focus RS is also included in the exotic class with a simpler body model that accelerates to become the next big thing. It is also referred to as �a boys vehicle’, but for going to a long trip and excursion, there is nothing better than just driving with Focus RS, trouble-free, because of its reliability and performance.

7. Ferrari F12

BerlinettaOne of the most outrageous supercar with a power of 730hp that is exerted from a high torque of V12 with a 6.3L engine. The supremacy is so refined from the makers of Ferrari, that it’s among the top performing vehicle from the makers.

8. Ferrari 488 Spider

For those looking for not skyrocketing speed but more control into their hands, Ferrari 488 Spider is a handsome looking exotic vehicle that can show you strength of 660hp. The chassis is like no other, with control and performance top notch.


Rent an exotic vehicle is now within everyone’s reach. You just have to pinpoint the car of your choice, not only it’ll make your traveling experience a memorable one, but also due to its performance and reliability, and luxurious element in place, you can live out as per your standards.